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Color Haus AKA Gina Cat, was born as a teenager in Vancouver’s underground scene. Later she moved back to her homeland of New Zealand. Throughout her years of traveling the world, Gina learned quickly how music has the power to take you to a different place, so her transition to the other side of the turntables was only natural.

At 18, she began travelling the world as a musical nomad, gathering sounds from over 30 countries around the globr. Her journey has yielded exotic rhythms, vibrant melodies and heavy bass lines. After a decade of spinning music and traveling, Gina has created a unique and unmistakable style all her own. Those who want a one word description will be disappointed… Color Haus provides an ever expansive and diverse set of music that will leave your mind blown and your feet aching. She believes that music should be diverse and exude positive energy. She wants you to feel the music as much as she does, and is a genius at reading a room and maintaining a dance floor driven by excitement and vibrancy.

In July of 2015, Color Haus moved to Los Angeles and dove deep in to the world of DJing, music production and sound design. She recently released her first EP – Tribe. Gina has worked hundreds of private events, corporate events and a nice handful of weddings. She continues to travel internationally, playing festivals, clubs and hotels around the world.

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