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Born in NY, raised in the Bay Area, and currently residing in LA, DJ Speakeasy is quickly emerging as one of the industry’s “it-girl” DJs. This self-taught turntablist has held residencies at hotspots throughout NYC such as Refinery Hotel Rooftop in midtown, the notorious underground party “Cherry Bomb” in Brooklyn, and Jeffery’s luxury retail boutique in the meat-packing district. Speakeasy’s unique and natural talent has earned notable notches on her DJ belt. Her successful career includes opening for acts like Manny Fresh, headlining with The Factory Girls in Philly, and appropriately claiming the FIRST LADY crown of Gold Whistle records. Speakeasy has always had a love for both gritty underground music and posh, high-end lifestyle. Through her fascination of the duality between these two realms she has been able to identify the influence that rap, trap, and EDM have on the entertainment and fashion industries. Speakeasy is now a master at finding the commonalities that bring these two worlds together. This has also led her to developing an unparalleled personal style as well as creating her own genre of music, GLITTERTRAP – which is curated to please everyone, but specifically for ladies providing them with a feeling of “ass shaking empowerment. Fusing rapturous music from both her east and west coast roots, DJ Speakeasy is known for keeping any dance floor poppin. From her selection in gritty trap music, 90s throwback hip-hop, R&B, and nu disco jams, to her glitter and smile, Speakeasy is the girl you want at your next party. Whether you’re at an exclusive rooftop party or your favorite house party, Speakeasy takes you on a refreshing musical experience that will leave you sweaty, smiling, and thirsty for more.

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